Wednesday, October 24, 2012

consuming soap web services in ios

  Consuming soap web services in ios

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Use the following link to generate helping code to consume web services

This link open website of sudzC which provide free generated code to consume SOAP web service. To know how to consume generated code download the following HTML file.

2) How to implement google search in ios App

Take a webview and create outlet of that . Let its name is googleWebView.

Take a text field in which you want that user put his key word to search and also make its outlet . Let its name is googleTextField.

Take a button on which you want to start the search create its outlet and action . Let action is doSearch

write the following code under section



[self. googleWebView loadRequest: [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"",self.googleTextField]]];


This will open google search page with key word what you enter in text field

You can also download text file from here

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